Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unique Reading Glasses - Clic Glasses

Avoid Misplacing your Reading Glasses

If you are like me, you are over 40 and need reading glasses to read clearly. It just seems to happen around that magic 40 age, some people need them earlier, some later, but most people need some help with reading glasses around that age.

So you buy your first pair of reading glasses and what a nuisance! Now you have a new thing to carry around in your purse or your pocket. But sometimes, it is inconvenient to carry them. You don't take your purse everywhere and some outfits don't have pockets. So you carry them with you and inevitably, the glasses would be misplaced and you would be wasting time trying to find your reading glasses.

One solution is to buy multiple pairs of reading glasses and leave them all over the house and a pair or two at the office, in the car: just about anywhere I might need them. That's quite expensive, especially, if like me, the strength of the glasses you need gets stronger over time.

There is another attractive alternative for those who suffer from the lost reading glasses problem. It's called Clic Reading Glasses.They are adjustable front connect readers. Here's what they look like:

Notice that they open in the front and they have a strap around the back of the glasses so you can open them,  hang them around your neck when they are not needed and just snap them together with the magnets in the middle when you need them.

Clic glasses have been seen on television on shows like CSI, Wild Hogs, Oprah Magazine, Bill Nye, the Science Guy and Richard Dreyfus in 'My Life in Ruins".

Clic readers come in a variety of strengths and colors and styles. There are also larger sizes for people with larger heads. The readers also come in Sun-glass format and even goggles. Some styles can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Clic Reading Glasses shouldn't get scratched under normal wear because they are around your neck, not put down on a surface, most of the time.

They are fully adjustable. The headband is form fitting and made of molded nylon. The magnetic closure in the front is designed to stay closed even at speeds of 100 MPH (not that I have tried it , to be honest). If you bend over they stay on your head (golfers and boaters appreciate this feature). They are also available in sun glasses and sports goggles.

The quality of the lenses are excellent. You can also order a MicroFiber Case for Clic Eyewear.

Try a pair today and see for yourself and let me know how you like them.

Note: I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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